Kevala Breathworks


Our core foundational teaching is that “You are the Answer”. With the proper tools and guidance our clients find their way back to themselves through cultivating awareness, vulnerability, honesty and radical accountability.  

KEVALA Breathwork is a holistic approach through training of mind, body and spirit. We use the breath as the foundation of our teaching as it is THE rhythm of your body, mind and energy.

Our zones of excellence include, but are not limited to, Breathwork (connective, health & wellness, transformational), Personal Training (strength, conditioning, rehab, mobility, flexibility), Empowerment Coaching (Neurolinguistic Programing, understanding the mind-body connection, creation of programs/habits, the power of language), Yoga (Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa, custom), and Guided Meditations (programing and integrating it all into the unconscious mind).

We believe in integrity, honesty, straightforward communication and putting in the work.

Meet our Team

KEVALA Breathwork was formed from the evolution and combination of over three and a half decades of combined coaching experience between Greg Kruger and Sara McKay.  Greg and Sara believe in the balance of focus and activity for mind, body, and spirit.  They continue to study new modalities and practices in order to expand themselves.  It all starts inside and they coach only from what they have experienced and adopted themselves. 


Empowerment Coach

Greg has spent over 13 years on his own personal journey of self mastery and exploration of various modalities that focus on physiology, neurology, pattern creation and reprogramming, and overall health, longevity and empowered mindset. His goal is to teach others how to more powerfully connect with their truth, passions, purpose, power and potential. Greg specializes in Neurolinguistic Programming, the power of language in emotional state creation, and trance work and integration through guided meditation.


Embodiment Coach

Sara has spent over 22 years in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer to all walks of life including high performance athletes and celebrities. Sara’s zones of excellence in training include strength, conditioning, rehab, mobility, and flexibility as well as specialized golf training.  Sara evolved into certifications in breathwork and yoga after discovering how powerfully they translate into peak physical performance. Her desire is to help others connect to the power of their physiology in new and unique ways.